Cross Compilers

To be able to simulate a benchmark, you first need to build a static binary of the benchmark for the target simulated architecture. To do so, you can either compile on the target architecture, or build a cross compiler for the target architecture on your host computer.

The crosstool is a toolchain for use in embedded systems development specialized in building gcc/glibc cross compiler. The crosstool is maintained by Dan Kegel, and is a third party software which is not part of the UNISIM Environment. The crosstool includes the settings to build a PowerPC 750 cross compiler, a PowerPC 405 cross compiler, and an Arm v5te cross compiler.

The generated cross-compiler includes some powerpc kernel headers, the glibc and should be used to build static target binaries than could be run within the target simulators.

We have built the following cross-compilers:

They are supposed to be uncompressed in /opt folder.

You can also build the crosstools by yourself. We used the following configuration files for the previous three cross compilers.

For problems or questions concerning the crosstools, please refer to
Note that the crosstool are under the GPL License.

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